Philippine Association of Professional Speakers, Inc.

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Our vision is to be the Philippines’ premier hub of aspiring and professional speakers as we commit to uphold the holistic development of professional speakers in the country by continuously developing our core competencies: Eloquence, Expertise, Enterprise, Ethics, and Extension.

Either you are an aspiring professional speaker or already are one, you can be a member.
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Philippine Association of Professional Speakers December 2017 Monthly Meeting

Our Root

We all need to give back. And with the next generation of professional speakers in mind and in heart, we sat down for a coffee and talk things over. We need an organization that advances the welfare of speaking professionals.

Our core values

  • Authentic Performance
  • Audience Delight
  • Abundance Culture
  • Earned Expertise
  • Dignifying Diversity
  • Changing Mindset
  • Talent Mastery
  • Creating Value

Our Goals

  • Create and sustain a community that shall recognize public speaking as a profession, which is vital to personal, professional, and business success
  • Establish and grow a vibrant network of professional speakers nationwide
  • Design and administer a platform for sharing best practices and unique experiences among professional speakers
  • Provide world-class learning programs that dignify the speaking profession
  • Foster a culture of mentorship and coaching among members
  • Connect speaking professionals with allied stakeholders
  • Recognize the excellent performance and contribution of speaking professionals and their benefactors
  • Engage and promote Filipino speaking professionals globally through international memberships and collaboration
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