Finally, the Philippine Center for Public Speaking, Training, and Consulting

The Philippine Association of Professional Speakers (PAPS) is committed to the holistic development of its members. Starting in March, PAPS is set to do a series of programs under the Philippine Center for Public Speaking, Training, and Consulting.

While this is open primarily for PAPS Associate Members and Professional Members, we also welcome everyone who might be interested.

If you’re afraid of public speaking and what to overcome it, the Center is for you. If you’re interested to become a professional speaker, a trainer, or a consultant, this event is for you, too.

PAPS has been a consistent advocate for professionalism and establishment of the speaking industry—from keynote speaking to training to workshop facilitation to consulting.

This program hopes to deliver a comprehensive look on the business of speaking, training, and consulting from the lenses of some of the Philippines’ best professional speakers from PAPS.

And because it’s an advocacy of the PAPS Center for Public Speaking, Training, and Consulting, this event is entirely free of charge.