The Philippines’ 2nd Professional Speakers Convention & 1st Philippine International Leadership Symposium on Change”


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FUNDAMENTALS 2nd Philippine Professional Speakers Convention 2018
FUNDAMENTALS 2nd Philippine Professional Speakers Convention 2018

What you’ll learn from this event?

The 2nd Philippine Professional Speakers Annual National Convention

July 30, 2018 | The Heritage Hotel

Talk 1: Elias Kanaris (New Zealand) / Collaboration to Build a Bigger Pie

Talk 2: Al Ian Barcelona (Philippines) / How to Create an Awesome Speech

Talk 3: Shirley Taylor (Singapore) / Grow Your Speaking Business By Connecting Your Dots

CLIENT PANEL (facilitated by Tim Wade)
Rene Espinosa (Events Organizer) / Meg Marzan (Meeting Planner) / Ethel Odilao (Corporate HR)

TOPIC: What do clients look for in choosing speakers or trainers and how much really are they willing to pay?

Talk 4: Jonathan Low (Malaysia) / Winning Clients’ Loyalty – Seven Proven Practices to Convert Clients into Amazing Fans

Talk 5: Toni Miranda (Philippines) / Creating a Powerful Presence On and Off the Stage

Talk 6: Lindsay Adams (Australia) / 3 Massive Mistakes that Speakers make that keep them struggling to get referred

Talk 7: Riza Pelaez (Japan) / Speak Because You Have a Cause

Talk 8: Christian Chua (Singapore) / Body Language for Professional Speakers

Talk 9: Romeo Marquez Jr. (United States) / 5 Keys to Captivating Any Audience

Talk 10: Orly Tugob (Philippines) / What Makes a Persuasive Speech

Talk 11: Kiruba Shankar (India) / Speak More, Work Less (Automation Marketing to Global Success)

Talk 12: Matthias Gelber (Germany) / Eco Hacks for Speakers

Talk 13: Tom Abbott (Canada) / Sales Fundamentals – Booking Your Next 10 Paid Speaking Engagements

Talk 14: Pocholo Gonzales (Philippines) / The Use of Voice in Audience Empowerment

Talk 15: Peter Dhu (Australia) / Grow Your Speaking Business by turning your greatest fear into your greatest strength

Talk 16: Baby Luat (Philippines) / The Power of TIA Gems of Speech Delivery

Steve Balmedilla, Billy Dominguez, Sha Nacino, Barbie Atienza, Jesse Rebustillo (Philippines)

What’s in it for me? Why join PAPS? What are their experiences with PAPS? Their stories, how their lives have changed through PAPS, and why they believe that our industry has a bright future when we work together.

Talk 17: JC Libiran (Philippines)

Talk 18: Mitch Carson (Thailand) / Why do lousy speakers make more money than you?

Talk 19: Tim Wade (Singapore) / 28 things to do to grow your speaking business in 28 days

The 1st Philippine International Leadership Symposium

July 31, 2018 | The Heritage Hotel

Talk 1: Christian Chua (Singapore) / The Anatomy for Motivation

Talk 2: Shirley Taylor (Singapore) / Rock Your Role In Our Digital World

Talk 3: Jonathan Low (Malaysia) / Power of the ‘R’ Factors: Leading in Disruptive Times

Talk 4: Lindsay Adams (Australia) / Getting People to Say Yes When They Would Normally Say No!

Talk 5: Romeo Marquez Jr. (United States) / The 4 Laws of High-Performance Leadership

Talk 6: Karen Ostrea (Philippines) / Lead Like A Queen

Talk 7: Lloyd Luna (Philippines) / Stepback Leadership: 2,000-year-old Secrets to Productivity of Ifugao Rice Terraces in the Philippines

Talk 8: Tom Abbott (Canada) / How To Improve and Measure The ROI Of Training

Talk 9: Peter Dhu (Australia) / Courageous Leadership – The courage to succeed when everyone says that you will not

Talk 10: Joey Garcia (Philippines) / Turnaround Leadership in Business and in the Workplace

Talk 11: Elias Kanaris (New Zealand) / Disarming Corporate Terrorists

Talk 10: Kiruba Shankar (India) / Unkick the Bucket: How near-death experience can teach you to prioritize

PANEL (Facilitated by Tim Wade)
Elias Kanaris (New Zealand) Shirley Taylor (Singapore) Lindsay Adams (Australia)
Jonathan Low (Malaysia) Lloyd Luna (Philippines)

TOPIC: What are the greatest leadership challenge in the world today and what is required to overcome those challenges?

Talk 12: Ayesha Jahan Bibha (Bangladesh) / The Brain Science of Leadership

Talk 13: Mitch Carson (Thailand) / Why Leadership is so important For Millennials

Talk 14: Tim Wade (Singapore) / Motivate Positive Change: Transformation and the Mindset of Victory

Relive the moments of last year’s convention