The 3rd Philippine Professional Speakers Convention

07 AUGUST 2019 Crowne Plaza Hotel Manila


3rd Philippine Professional Speakers Convention
3rd Philippine Professional Speakers Convention

The 3rd Philippine Professional Speakers Annual National Convention

August 7, 2019 | Crowne Plaza Hotel Manila


7:00AM / Registration
8:00AM / Opening Program

Lloyd Luna / Philippines / Welcome message: Take the Lead
8:30AM Opening Keynote Speech

8:45AM / Talk 1: / Filipo Levi / New Zealand The HAKA Mindset in Professional Speaking
9:12AM / Talk 2: / Nats Levi / New Zealand / How To Avoid Professional Burnout
9:39AM / Talk 3: / Al Ian Barcelona / Philippines / The Awesome Speaker
9:56AM / Talk 4: Brycan Dayao and Dannes Serrano / Philippines / Duet Keynote: The Journey to Expertise
10:13AM / Talk 5: Virginia Bautista / Philippines / How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand on LinkedIn
10:30AM / Talk 6: Bob Hooey / Canada / Building Blocks of a Successful Speaking Business
10:57AM / Talk 7: Drs. Joyce Carols / Netherlands / The Psychology of Connecting with the Audience
11:24AM / Talk 8: Al Argo / Philippines / 8 Tips To Book More Speaking Engagements
11:41AM / Talk 9: Toni Miranda / Philippines / The Code of Extraordinary Confidence on Stage


Awarding of Registered Speaking Professional (RSP) Designation

1:15PM / Talk 10: Kishvin Sirinavin / Malaysia / Next Level: Lead with Passion
1:32PM / Talk 11: Nizley Alferez / Philippines / The Real Business in Virtual Summit
1:49PM / Talk 12: Shing Torremaña and Viviene Bigornia / Philippines/ Duet Keynote: New Business Opportunities in Training
2:06PM / Talk 13: Claire Boscq-Scott / United Kingdom / Lead with the Yin, Manage with the Yang
2:33PM / Talk 14: Sameer Somal / United States / Digital Reputation and the New Networking
3:00PM / Talk 15: Marvin Salazar / Philippines / Data Privacy
3:17PM / Talk 16: Pocholo Gonzales / Philippines / Voice Leadership
3:34PM / Talk 17: Toti Sampedro / Philippines / The “Filipino-speaking Speaker”: At the brink of extinction


Presidential Panel
Barbie Atienza, Fe Marie Cabantac, Rhoda Caliwara, Jocelyn Pick, Delby Bragais, Lloyd Luna, Jesse Rebustillo

The Presidents of allied organizations such as People Management of the Philippines (PMAP), Philippine Society for Talent Development (PSTD), Philippine Association of Local Service Contractors, Inc. (PALSCON), Institute for Management Consultants (IMPHIL), Association of Image Consultants Inc. (AICI), and Philippine Association of Professional Speakers (PAPS) discuss #TaketheLead

4:15PM / Talk 18: Matthias Gelber / Germany / The Hidden Business in the Market Niche
4:32PM / Talk 19: Meg Marzan / Philippines / The Art of Closing Contracts
4:49PM / Talk 20: Billy Dominguez / Philippines / Salespreneurship in speaking
5:23PM / Michelle Lim / Philippines / Closing Keynote
End of Program

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