The Philippine Association of Professional Speakers (PAPS) is the country’s premier community of speaking professionals, trainers, consultants, and coaches. It is a member of the Global Speakers Federation.

Part of what we do is to standardize and professionalize the speaking industry based on global norms. Thus, we continuously train and develop our core competencies namely eloquence, expertise, ethics, enterprise, and extension.

As enterprising speakers, we heavily invest on our professional growth and development by consistently attending training and programs here and abroad. As part of the global speaking community, we are able to scale the value that we give to our clients. Thus, this prescribed professional speaking rate (for PAPS members only as we can’t speak for speakers outside our community and guarantee their business ethics and competencies):

The floor net-of-taxes professional fee for schools and other academic institutions, NGOs, non-profit organizations is P5,000 for associate members and P10,000 for professional members. For corporate and government, the floor professional fee is P15,000 for associate members and P40,000 for professional members.

The matrix of fees depend on each speaker as the professional fee can go up as high as P120,000 to P250,000. The following items can help justify each speaker’s asking rate:

  • Years of speaking experience (10 years or more constitute for a much higher rate)
  • Published books or ebooks or research materials or newspaper articles or their equivalent
  • Outside-the-country speaking assignments
  • Number of speeches made annually
  • Number of clients served annually
  • Uniqueness and originality of content, topic, or subject
  • Certification such as RSP (Registered Speaking Professional), CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), GSF (Global Speaking Fellow)

For comparison, associate members earn P500,000 or below annually from speaking while professional members earn from P500,000 and up for at least three consecutive years.