Global Speakers Federation Letter and Review about Ariva Academy

June 25, 2018

Mr JM Matienzo
Ariva Academy Philippines Inc
12B Lebanon Street Betterliving Subdivision Bicutan, Parañaque
1711 Metro Manila

Dear Mr Matienzo

It has come to our attention that Ariva Academy Philippines Inc has recently circulated an email blast to over 20,000 potential clients containing details of your event HR Congress Philippines to be held on 29-30 August 2018. This email blast contained images of several professional speakers who are members of GSF associations without their permission and written consent.

As you may know, the Global Speakers Federation is the overarching body for the professional speaking industry, with 15 professional speaking associations globally, including our latest member PAPS, Philippine Association of Professional Speakers, headed by Lloyd Luna, PAPS President.

The Global Speakers Federation exists to strengthen worldwide recognition of the professional speaking and meetings industry, and we look at the way our association members (such as PAPS) serve the local market and industry. In particular, all associations promote and adhere to an international Code of Ethics, which we also encourage others in our industry to follow. This extends beyond the associations through to the speakers, speaker bureaus and event organisers.

Although you are not personally a member of PAPS, Ariva Academy impacts the speaking industry, and we take the matter very seriously when ethical standards and practices are not in line with Article 7 of PAPS Code of Ethics. Because of your recent irresponsible action, we are very concerned that the reputation of our professional speaking members has been tarnished.

Your email gave incorrect and misleading information to a huge number of people, and using speakers’ intellectual property in this way is totally unacceptable. We insist that you stop this practice of using images or names of any professional speakers without their confirmed agreement and consent to speak at an event.

Article 7 of the PAPS Code of Ethics states, “PAPS member is obligated to maintain a high level of ethical standards and practices in order to assist in protecting the public against fraud or any unfair practice in the speaking profession and shall attempt to eliminate from the profession all practices that could bring discredit to the speaking profession.”

We also ask that you send out an email to your entire database with an apology for circulating incorrect information, and instead, give them the correct information of only those speakers who have agreed in writing to speak at your event and have given their permission for you to use their images and names. Please forward to me a copy of this email as soon as it has been circulated.

In conjunction with the Global Speakers Federation, PAPS will continue to support and educate the local market to uphold professional and ethical business practices. We hope you will support PAPS in this.

I hope to receive your early response.

Shirley Taylor, CSP
President 2017-18
Global Speakers Federation

The link to the official letter is here.

For the record, despite the many emails sent to Ariva Academy from various professional speakers, who got offended by this malpractice and unethical business practice, JM Matienzo and his company didn’t bother to reply to formally acknowledge their misconduct.

The Philippine Association of Professional Speakers condemns this unethical business practice of Ariva Academy, which puts the Philippines and the Filipino speaking professionals in bad light.

We call on our general membership to refrain from working with Ariva unless this bad and unethical practice is formally resolved and proper apology is issued.

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