The RSP, Registered Speaking Professional, is the speaking profession’s highest earned designation in the Philippines. It is conferred to active professional members who have displayed remarkable achievements in the conduct of the speaking profession.

Applicants must have generated at least Php 2M each year from at least 200 paid speeches for the past 3 years and have been an active member for a prescribed number of years.

Other requirements included documentation of at least 200 speeches and the income generated from those speeches. The applicants must provide contact details of the clients for verification purposes.

Applicants must also provide a full-length speech or training for peer reviews.

Application fee is P10,000 and resubmission is P5,000.

RSP Applicant Self-Check List 

  1. PAPS or GSF association active membership, continuous, in good standing, for the last 24 months. 
  2. Proof of attendance of one PAPS/GSF association convention within the last 10 years. (For PAPS events, your PAPS database record will substantiate.)
  3. Proof of 2019 convention session attendance: 1. Business Ethics, 2. How to Earn Your RSP, and 3. Professional Competencies.
  4. List minimum 200 paid presentations within the last ten years. 
  5. Within the last ten years, show five years annual speaker income equal to or exceeding Php 2M.
  6. For salaried presentations, include employer letter on company letterhead specifying: a. Employer contact information b. Annual pay for submission years c. Percentage of time spent presenting
  7. For self-promoted presentations, provide collateral marketing material with presentation dates. 
  8. Include names and contact information for a minimum of 20 individual clients who will complete an evaluation of the presentations you listed.
  9. Submit working public or unlisted YouTube link of a live unabridged presentation – minimum 45 minutes – maximum 60 minutes.
  10. Payment of P8,000 for the application and P3,000 for resubmission.
  11. Renewal of the designation is in every 5 years for a Php5,000 fee. The designee must also earn 50 PAPS/GSF Education credits within the period: PAPS Convention (5 points); PAPS Mini-conferences (3 points); GSF Global Speakers Summit (10 points); GSF member-country convention (7 points).
  12. Only current members of good standing can use RSP designation. Non-members who either didn’t renew their membership or leave the Association CANNOT use the title on all their marketing materials including business cards and Powerpoint deck. PAPS will regularly update the list of the designees at