Statement of PAPS President on his return from India Professional Speakers Summit 2023

Statement of PAPS President on his return from India Speakers Summit 2023
31 January 2023

A little boy from the Philippines delivered a closing keynote speech during the Professional Speakers Summit 2023 in Chennai, India on 28 January 2023 with three messages:

First, there’s rejection in exploration. You don’t just explore to get what’s right. You explore to get what’s wrong hoping to learn from it.

Second, there’s hard work in excellence. You just don’t excel by beating everybody in the room. You excel by beating your old self hoping to help others beat their old selves, too, to make them excel in what they do.

Third, there’s risk in expansion. You don’t expand by being the same person. You expand by risking what you’ve got in exchange of what you want to have.

One delegate said: “Its always gonna be tough to do a ‘curtain closer’ presentation. You did it with ease and aplomb.” Another, “you stole the thunder.” And another, “an entertaining, insightful, and high-energy speech.” And another one: “a killer close, brilliant, a total pro and highly engaging piece.”

I thank the Professional Speakers Association of India for this honor.

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